Icon randomized for unknown reason

Hello privacy world,
On december 2020 I post a topic
on how launcher ruins 15 minutes of my time on regular basis by randomising my app icon.

I can’t say why that happen. Seems the reason are random too.

Almost 2 years after, this behaviour is sill there.

I don’t want to change for another launcher.
Just want launcher work properly.

Did you plan to do something about it @Manoj ?



We do have issues with the launcher. The developer who created it from scratch moved out and launched his own startup. We are looking for a replacement. As a interim solution, I would suggest using any of the alternate launchers available.

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You might be interested in reading and participating in this related post Apps organization bug
where this issue Apps organization bug / Bliss crash (#6042) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab is introduced.


Thank you @Manoj for the update :+1:

Hello @aibd I’ll do that, thank you
I don’t see the topic mentionned before sorry for my duplicate topic :sweat_smile:

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