Ideas for a better "Apps" app

Every time I look at the “Apps” application by /e/, I cringe. I’m sorry, but I really do.

Why do we have:

  • Top updated apps?
  • Top updated games?
  • Popular apps in the last 24 hours etc?

IMHO, what we should have is rather:

  • Instant Messenger:
    Whatsapp – or you can use a better alternative: Telegram, Signal, Olvid etc.

  • Twitter:
    The official app – or try a privacy-respecting alternative, for example…

  • Fitness:
    Fitbit app – or you can try one of these FOSS alternatives…

and so on for Maps, Email clients, Public transportation apps etc.

We shoud not care about what is trending, popular, cool or hot at the moment etc.

We should acknowledge that many people will look for the most commonly used
app in each category, but we should, imho, also try to make them understand
that there are alternatives available, and invite them to try them out.


Would love to have a kind of “trusted app” section which features app with good privacy policy, unrelated to their categories. So you can discover apps without needing to check five times where the devil is hidding.


There is already, more or less, something like this:
you can only view open-source applications, on the store settings of /e/

Well sure, but as much as i love oss, right now in the mobile space closed source app still represent 99% of available apps… So could be nice to have a section promoting well-behave actors even if they are closed source

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