If I not like /e/

After I flash my phone to /e/ if I don not get on with it how or can I and how get back Android?

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

You can install the Stock ROM on your device as per the install guides available from your vendor. For e.g. if you try to install /e/ on a Xiaomi Mi Mix2 chiron and do not like it…you can download the latest stock ROM for the phone and flash it using either Mi Flash or extracting the build and running flash_all.sh

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you don’t leave Android by using /e/OS, only Gogol and your vendor’s add’s on !

And if you don’t like the iOS-like BlissLauncher, you can install an other one like OpenLauncher


Does that mean I can use my Nikon camera app and more importantly my A.A app

Roflol eh. Did u speak in English or just geek. I don’t think I understand any of that but sounds impressive and awesome and points out how dumb I am!

Thank you in sincerity

Short answer : probably yes, but it depends on vendor (brand).

Many vendors will provide you with all necessary stuff to get back your phone to factory state, others won’t.
And the tool and method may vary as well.

So, you’ll get better answered by specifying a phone brand and model :wink: