I'm a privacy expert, here's how to stop your phone from listening and spying on you right now


From where you go to what you say to Siri and Google Assistant, most smartphone apps collect your data continuously.

Companies then sell this data to advertising companies, hence why it can sometimes feel like you are recommended ads about products you mentioned in passing once.

Data privacy advocate Gaël Duval said that, thankfully, it’s possible to change settings so this doesn’t happen.

Murena believes this has measurable benefits: he says that poor data privacy and personalised adverts directly contribute to increased time spent online, impulse buying and even worsening mental health problems – as tech companies understand more about you, they will target adverts at you more precisely.


I followed the link and was interested in reading it, but them I had no easy way to reject cookies. One vendor by one, really??

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I used the “All off” option (grey, at the top of the list of vendors) to also deny “legitimate interest”, then saved everything at the bottom.


And as an interesting side note, when I clicked on that link to read the article I was presented with no options for cookies, and ublock origin instantly showed me that it blocked 274 elements…that is a bit shocking in itself :open_mouth:


I was rather shocked such an article was in the Daily Mail :slight_smile: .


It’s good to see more coverage for Gael, although I wish it wasn’t on a paper that has a reputation for being sensationalist, xenophobic, sexist, racist, anti-science and for celebrity stalking.


IMO the article is pretty worthless without giving suggestions for real alternatives to things like Google Maps. Looking at the comments, most of the people there don’t seem tech savvy enough to find an alternative on their own. It seems to mee that many of them are elderly people who can barely use a computer enough to type said comments.

There is also no word on /e/ and Murena is mentioned without any clues as to what it actually is (seriously, an AI could have written a better article), so unfortunately I doubt it will generate any significant publicity for the project.


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