I'm creating a FOSS assistant app

I was told people here may be interested in a de-googled, free and open source assistant for Android since there is currently no alternative that fits this bill out there.

I’ve been working on an assistant which is currently in a pre-alpha state, under the working title: Sapphire Assistant Framework.

At first install, the assistant will act as a drop in replacement for Google Assistant, running Assistant optimized apps, and voice commands without requiring Google services

Designed to run on device without needing network services or root privileges, the goal is to have a useful and flexible mobile assistant under the full control of the user.

Because everything is ran on device and the source code can be vetted, the user can be sure that their assistant isn’t gathering or transmitting any data where it doesn’t belong.

The roadmap for the project includes Mycroft compatibility, Termux and Tasker integration, as well as a tool set for power users that can be used for developing unique, customizable assistants tailored to their individual needs.

Again, though significant progress has been made and I’m preparing for the first Alpha release, it is not yet feature complete. However, I am happy to answer any questions about it and if you’re interested in tracking the status of the project you can find posts on Reddit or find the source code on Github.

I welcome any feedback and input, and look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions on the project


interesting feature !

Have you read about Elivia beginning efforts for such deggogled assistant also see this post in this forum.

Edit: add link to community forum post

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Interesting. I just read up on it a bit, but it seems like it’s not very far along yet. Also, that project seems to focus on having the NLP take place on a backend whereas the Sapphire Framework does everything on device.

I’ll reach out to some of the developers to see if I can strike up a conversation. Thank you for the information



sounds interesting to me. Do you plan to release your alpha version on F-Droid?

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Probably not the alpha, but I will likely when it his beta

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I suggest you to go here https://doc.e.foundation/projects-looking-for-contributors then “personal assistant” section

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Hello, would there be a way to get the apk to try it? Sure, I would make feedback of bugs and features that could be good.
Have a nice evening
edit: I found where to download it on github :+1:

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Thanks! I’ll make a post about it there

Don’t stress too much about that version. I have a much newer updated one I am going to be posting (under Athena) which has working TTS, NLP, and STT. It’ll kill your battery right now though

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