I'm mostly happy with /e/ OS the /e/ ecosystem!

Finally an operating system without preinstalled “Gapps” I’ve been thinking for a while when and how to make the switch to a semi-Google-free environment and had made a spontaneous decision to download the Easy Installer. Although I’ve donated a bit at UB ports and for Anbox to push the Linux side for the Fairphone 3 and Android apps, but that might take time. I set up my new /e/ OS yesterday, I was able to replace all but a few apps. Only my banking app and the Bitpanda app are missing, the rest I was able to get from the in-house store, or directly as APK from the app makers. I use a Linux Manjaro laptop and a Windows desktop, am slowly scaling out of the big service providers like Google and Microsoft. I rarely used Google except for Youtube, but the Microsoft Office products are still there. But with /e/ Drive and the online ecosystem, great opportunities have been created to slowly replace the big services (still need to transfer some data from OneDrive to the /e/ Nextcloud) - but once that’s done, I’m glad opting out was possible :slight_smile: And with the /e/ ecosystem I was also able to create a lot of interoperability between /e/ OS, Linux and Windows, which I think is actually extremely nice. I’m very, very happy overall - just one technical thing that I found a bit disruptive:

The only thing I have now with the Fairphone 3 (+ camera modules) is that the performance has dropped a bit since I switched to /e/ OS. Unfortunately I don’t have any CPU/GPU or Ram data now that I could have made a comparison with. At first I had the power saving mode permanently active on the FP3 and never noticed any performance drops, the apps all ran smoothly. Now it is that when running apps, et cetera - unfortunately some processes and apps are now very laggy/delayed.

Thanks for the work :slight_smile:


= you have moved to NewPipe ? :wink:

Yes, I did! :slight_smile: Tried to import my Abonnements via file, but just one Channel got found. I have not figured out why :sweat_smile:

I installed /e/OS on my FP3 about 2 months ago and I have been using it on a daily basis until last week.

After a while, I installed a new window manager in order to have more flexibility on the organization of the app shorcuts.

The main issues I faced where:

  • Constant problems with synchronizing my contacts and calendar. I could not do it on a personal Nextcloud account and the e.cloud was not sync as expected (disconnecting, etc.).
  • Some apps unavailable (this turned out to be a deal breaker: unable to run Payconiq that I was needing more and more) and confusion between the various apps managers. Could e.foundation not build a central app server that will manage all this internal cooking (getting apps from here and there and have them working for /e/OS)?
  • Missing Google maps and lack of fair alternative: I am a bit ashamed admitting it, I know and I support OSM and OSMAnd, but I was really missing the power of Google Maps to find easily a shop, an opening time, etc.

I eventually reverted to Android for now because I needed more productivity, but I will keep an eye on /e/OS and hopefully try it again later.

Best regards,

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