Imagepipe : no exif & low size pics


I’d just tired Imagepipe, from F-Droid (via /e/, not apk), and it works fine !

Shoot, reduce, share saving privacy and datas… Enjoy :wink:

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Hi @trefix,

I have start looking at a way of removing exif data from the pictures before sharing them… so I have a (perhaps stupid) question: how to check the exif data on a picture (before and after processing with Imagepipe)?

I have seen that in F-Droid there a a couple of apps that are meant to deal with the removal of exif information, Imagepipe and Scrambled Exif; are they totally equivalent?

Another piece of curiosity: should this kind of feature embedded in privacy concerned messaging apps? I think so… and perhaps it is, and therefore we would not need Imagepipe or Scrambled Exif …

Thank you in advance

I think in Signal that some exif is removed. I’m not sure for certain.

Otherwise, ScrambledEXIF and ImagePipe aren’t equivalent.

ScrambledEXIF changes the exif data and otherwise, I think, leaves the picture alone.
ImagePipe shrinks the picture and removes EXIF data.

Happily be corrected on this, as I’m going off memory.

Interesting … thank you @athair_birb

Yes it should, so long as it is optional or configurable by a setting. When I am sharing pictures with people I know (i.e. ones I communicate with via messaging apps) I am quite happy to share the EXIF data as well. The camera app I use (Sony stock camera app) has a Save location setting which (I assume) turns EXIF data on or off. I also assume that the built-in Camera app has a similar setting

it’s a question about opt-in or opt-out. doesn’t matter which way, but in any case mandatory not optional!

I’ve always used the combo of Send Reduced and PhoneSaver when I want to upload/share pics. I’ve used ImagePipe in the past but it seemed the resultant images weren’t so clear.
Send Reduced can of course share to other targets like SMS messenger, email app, etc.

Anyway, Send Reduced is what removes the EXIF data. In its settings you can have it retain certain bits if so desired.
Per the question asked, the EXIF data is (should be) shown in all gallery apps just by selecting the details of any image you’re viewing.
I never use location 'cept for testing. Some apps will show GPS location or other textual info. Some will actually show a map, like the OnePlus Gallery.

Images below show the data before and after running through Send Reduced.


HI @marcdw ,

I guess this is what I need. I do not know how Scrambled Exif and Imagepipe work, but I downloaded Send Reduced from F-Droid, and it seems quite straightforward …

Thank you

On a somewhat related note, I just came across a really nice, full-featured gallery app called Aves.
In the details of a photo it includes lots of EXIF data, more than I realized was there. Was going to include a couple of screenshots but the source has them already.

Compared to all the default and other basic gallery apps, Aves might be a better choice. Supports some extra file formats. Will use for awhile to see if it’s as good as it appears.

GitHub - deckerst/aves: Aves is a gallery and metadata explorer app, built for Android with Flutter.

EDIT: Okay, maybe two.

Or three.

The EXIF subIFD dropdown has detailed camera info.