Images don't sync

Hi I use ecloud for the last couple of weeks and noticed that images even when going into accounts and manually syncing won’t sync for an undefined timespan (didn’t messaure yet but I have shot a photo about 3 hours ago and the server hasn’t fetched it yet 11:36 am) until they suddenly do.

Are the amount of users crippling the servers time to fetch for updates? As they need to update a lot of peoples accounts or is it my location.

Thing is I wanted to share the photo with a direct link to view the image in/with ecloud instead of having to use a 3rd party service. I just can’t find it in the default saving location of Photos > OpenCamera

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Are you on mobile data? I think there is an option to only sync when on WLAN. Maybe this is enabled.

I’m on WiFi right now, I just uninstalled the nextcloud app. Because their is no real advantage for me besides having direct access to your files on ecloud on your apps. Edit: I had one usecase for the app i entirely forget and that was automatic contacts backup to ecloud. The automatic sync options in the app creates a new folder in which unfortunatly all files would be synced twice instead of it syncing to the appropiate folder structure.

Edit, Edit: about 8 minutes ago after reinstalling nextcloud so at 14:46 pm it synced photos. About 3,5 hours later.

Here’s the thing a lot of stuff you do is time critical and having to precalculate 3,5 hrs till syning your files just aint gonna cut it. So really what alternatives do we have besides self-hosting our own nextcloud instance? Do we at the very least get a documentation on how ecloud has been setup and privacy hardended.

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Having similar problems with sync: dates, and emails, and NEW photos will sync to in no time, but the EXISTING 250 won’t: nothing happens. (Perhaps, copying or moving the photos from the Galery to some other folder such as e.g. Documents would do, but how to do that on a Gigaset GS290?).