Imap Protonmail bridge and mail app


my protonmail imap bridge is running on a local linux Server. Thunderbird via local PC can access emails on the imap bridge quite ok. Now using the eOs email client accesing the imap bridge is just not working all though I used the same Parameters as the ones working with thunderbird. Error message is generally stating that email app cannot connect to the email imap Server.

I Enabled email app logs, but couldnt find local device logs.
Any tips how to get more information on whats (not) going on?


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Not easy to answer such question without knowing the detailed parameters :frowning:

Did you use a DNS name for your Linux server in Mail ?
In this case (assuming you’re connected using WiFi), please disable “Private DNS” and activate “Use network DNS” on your device.

Also, any IMAP or network log from your Linux server ?
Is a firewall activated ?

For device logs, you may use adb/logcat (plenty of examples around :wink: ).


thanks for the reply. I used IP Adresses and “use network dns”.

Concerning logcat: As eOS email client is a fork of k9, i was expecting something like " k9" or “email” but could not find any corresponding process.

what is the processname of the eOS email client,so I can use logcat?

Guide here is working :
Just replace “k9” by “mail” :wink:

BTW /e/ mail app full name is : foundation.e.mail, as you can see is Settings/Apps/Mail/Advanced

I found that the certificate on my server/docker container running the proton mail bridge is having some incorrect CN.

For testing reasons I installed k9 which is asking for me to accept the incorrect cerificate. Strangely though, having accepted the certificate enables me to use the smtp feature of the protonmail bridge container, yet receiving emails with the very same protonmail bridge via imap is still not working. Currently I am looking into the k9 logs.

So it seems the eOS mail app somehow does not support handling of invalid certificates out of the box. How can I tell eOS mail application to fully trust that certificate?
Thank you

It’s not clear to me if Mail relies on it’s own keystore, or use system’s.
Anyway you can try adding your certificate in Settings/Security & Privacy/Encryption & Credentials/Install from storage.