IMEI not found, how to change CSC

I have just installed /e/OS and found everything great, except the phone can no longer detect the IMEI nor any SIM card I put in.

From searching the internet I should be able to change the CSC using the dial pad. This does not work.

Other solutions say to find an OMX firmware. Does anyone know what is the fastest way to a solution?

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hello, @matstage, welcome to this forum.
what is your device model number ? (SM-Gxxx or GT-Ixxx)

Hi Plero,

My model is SMG900F!

You will find samsung firmware for your country here, chose one witch is “free from carrier”

But, are you sure that your device is already carrier unlocked ?

That can be done only from the carrier’s related version of the stock firmware using the code the carrier give to one of their actual client.

What is the actual CSC ? and what is the country where you plan to use it ?


No, I have not unlocked the carrier.

I purchased the phone from the Swedish Carrier Comviq and will use it with that carrier and country.

The CSC is G900FVDS1CPF1 or should be…

It is possible that I allowed the install to change the CSC. I thought it would not…

according to sfirmware :
VDS seems to be linked to “Telenor SE”
when :
HTS seems to be free from carrier.

Using an online IMEI checker service or contacting your carrier,
(your IMEI number is noted under the battery)
you should know if your device was originaly carrier locked or not

If the device is carrier locked,

  1. install VDS,
  2. unlock carrier restriction,
  3. install a custom recovery manager, then /e/OS.


  1. install VDS,
  2. unlock carrier restriction
  3. install HTS, a custom recovery manager, then /e/OS.

If the device is not carrier locked,

  1. install VDS,
  2. install a custom recovery manager, then e/OS.


  1. install VDS
  2. install HTS, a custom recovery manager, then /e/OS.

I used a checker and got his:

Search Term:
Serial Number:
Model Desc: Samsung Galaxy S5
Model Name: SM-G900F
Model Number: SM-G900FZKANEE
Warranty Status: Out of Warranty
Estimated Warranty End Date: 13-09-2016
Production location: Korea SEC
Production Date: 13-09-2014
Country: Nordic Europe
Carrier: Factory Unlocked

I already installed /e/OS, must I go back to solve this problem?

Do you want to make calls from this phone, or do you just need it as a wifi-only mini-tablet ?

I would love to make calls, though I am impressed with it nevertheless!

restoring stock OS using Odin should restore IMEI, then reflash a recovery and install /e/.

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