Immediate shutdown due to lack of space

Due to several circumstances, I had too much stuff on my phone. I got a message, that it lacks space. Then maybe my podcast-app or another app downloaded some more data automatically and my phone shuts down (and then shows the /e/ recovery screen, proposing a Factory-data-reset)

Now, when I am starting it, as soon as I enter the pincode, it shuts down after about 2-3 seconds.
That is my issue. I assume that is due to lack of space.

Due to the shutdown, I am however not able to delete any data from my phone… I tried to be very quick, but it just does not even navigate in these 2 seconds.

I tried another approach:
enabling adb throuth the recovery screen an accessing the phone throuth adb, trying to copy and then delete some data, to at least give it some space to start up. However as I do not have root permission, deleting does not seem to be possible.

Does anyonne have another idea how to delete some data under these conditions?
Could be an app, ringtones, some photos whatsoever, just that it does not shut down anymore.
Thanks in advance!

I have /e/OS 1.14 installed on a FP3

here’s a thread where a user went through the moves to free up some space via recovery. The assigned file group (“media_video”) helps in figuring out files that you can delete - How to mount encrypted /data partition in recovery mode?

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Perfekt, thank you very much. yesterday i searched for hours and was basically the whole day on the computer trying to fix it. Your answer showed me finally the last bit to the successful answer! You made my day!

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