Import calendar with .ics file

Hi everyone,

I tried to export my calendar from my previous phone into a ics file. I chose to include all calendars and old events too.

Then I moved the file to the FP3+ with e/and the included calendar app. I clicked the .ics file but it only showed one event - I think it may have been the oldest one, but it added the event to today instead. I could not retrieve any other events this way.

How can I get all the events to their correct place? I used the free calendar from Simple Mobile Tools before.

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Would be a good idea to see what’s really in the file. Can’t you open it using an editor or similar? Just to find out if the problem was in the export or happens during import.

Then I’m not sure what happens if the names of the calendars in the file do not match the actual names of the calendars in the Calendar app.

Try to use Simple Calendar on the new device (available in F-Droid). Think it would be a good idea to do the import using the same app.

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You might try the following app from F-Droid:
Calendar Import-Export
I guess you could create a backup from the old device and import it in with the new one.
Please let us know if that works :slight_smile:

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