Import contacts in "Contacts" app in "work" profile (under Shelter)

Hi all,

what is the simplest possible way to import a .vcf file (which I have already created)
with only a small subset of my contacts to my “Contacts” app under Shelter, and
make sure that these contacts do NOT end up in the “Contacts” app in my main profile?

Why am I trying to do this?

So that Whatsapp, which I will also install under Shelter, will only see this file.
(Whatsapp copies everything it finds in your Contacts app to Facebook servers)

Is it possible to do this using the standard “Contacts” app, or would it be better
to install a different contacts app under Shelter, for example Simple Contacts?


Update: with the standard Contacts app provided by /e/, it was rather complicated (I did not really understand what I did) AND my contacts ended up not only in the Contacts app under Shelter, which is what I wanted, but in the Contacts app in my main profile as well :confused:

Instead, with Simple Contacts (under Shelter), it was a breeze and it seems to be working fine.

have yo seen my HowTo about installing whatsapp under shelter ?? There is alll described step by step

Yes, but I had trouble putting the .vcf file with my contacts in the File app under Shelter.
As a consequence, my Contacts app (under Shelter) could not upload that file.

So, I uploaded the file to my /e/ address book using my Mac and a web browser.
But my contacts were thus uploaded to both my Contacts apps (main and work profile).

On the other hand, Simple Contacts was able to see and import the .vcf file right away.

Have you enable ‘file shuttle’ in shelter?

Than you can browse with shelter contacts to your main profile folder wirh the vcf file and import it

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No, I had not. Thanks.

(But I will probably stick to Simple Contacts)

Simple contacts is the better solution :+1::wink:

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