Import data from iphone

i need to import my contacts, notes, photos… from an iphone to an e phone…
i’ve read other e threads on the topic but they all seem to use icloud or google which i’d rather avoid…
any suggestions?
i’m even looking at paying for software like dr.fone or iCarefone. are they compatible with e?

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It’s a real pain when you’ve chosen a walled garden shit like Apple and then want to get out again.
Calendar and contacts should be exportable even at apple. Calendar in .ics and contacts in .vcf format. Import them in ecloud web interface again.
Save photos from the cloud to local directory on PC and then upload to smartphone.
Notes will probably only be able to create new…

No need to use ecloud:

  • for contacts: Contacts app on the phone can import vcf files
  • for calendar, install Simple Calendar Pro from F-Droid, then import the .ics file. Once imported, the events should be visible in the /e/ Calendar app. There may be a way to import directly from /e/'s Calendar app, but I didn’t find it :slight_smile:

No way, it’s a Etar fork and no import is available.

So, if you import everything in ecloud web you can do everything at once.

Indeed, and I would do it that way, but the original poster said

Using Contacts app and Simple Calendar Pro means no need for cloud

OK, he would avoid apple and/or google, but not a cloud at all…

however, everything that needed to be said has been said

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There are a few guides available here on the topic of migrating to /e/. We need to add more guides.

Do you also own a Mac or Windows PC that you can make a iTunes backup to? this could allow you to make an offline migration at least for Photos without further tools.

iPhone Backup Extractor: recover iOS data from iTunes backups and iCloud (no affiliation) is legit but paid software to extract further data from the backup, it’s not a migration tool itself. At best they could export Notes into .md Markdown files, this is what / /e/-Notes app uses.

If you have a linux box and are comfortable in a terminal, it can all be done with cli tools only, but gets involved for data beyond photos.

just to recap here… i ended up using paid software (tenorshare) to retrieve my data… i’m still trying to get used to android, but it feels good to be outside the garden walls…

Hi! So how do this software work? Can I select all my notes and download them all together on a computer (not apple) ? Same question for the voice memos.