Import google calendar


I have several calendars on the same Google account.

I exported them to ICS and am unable to import them into ecloud.

I tried via ecloud on the web but It is not ok
I also tried with lightning as shown in the howto but import failed

How can I do ?

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

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I got the same problem.I want migrate my google calendar to etar calendar. May i be an android developer to do such a usual thing in a degoogled os… I do not understand how others do migrate.
Thanks for help

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Send the ICS file to your phone, as an email and then open it from there.
You will be asked, what app to open it with → Calendar…

I did this via dropbox. I selected calendar and one calendar entry poppt up to confirm. Then it finished. Only one meeting was imported.

The easiest way is to connect the murena cloud to your google account ( settings - data migration ) , it will import any data you need to nextcloud and thus synced with your phone

Have you opened the ICS in a text editor? It is plain text and you can easily read it…

What is the ICS-filie?