Import passwords?

Hello all,

a little question : is it possible to import passwords (ex google passwords csv) in passwords file ?

Or do we have to enter one by one passwords ?
Thanks for answer

EDIT : just before flash /e/ OS on my Pixel 6a, can passwords registered in can auto-fill in browser ?

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Yes, you can:

Custom CSV help:

Thanks a lot for answer !
Once passwords are imported, can we autofill in /e/ browser ?

As far as I know (I may be wrong), /e/ doesn’t natively support passwords synchronization from Nextcloud app, so you’ll have to use a

Unfortunately, /e/ Browser doesn’t allow the use of extensions (maybe it’s “work in progress”?).
So you may want to switch to Firefox or one of its variants (I personally use, or, if you want to stick to a Chrome-based browser, (the only Chrome-based Android browser I know with extensions support).