Imported editable calendar synching?

I imported my university timetable .ics link into my ecloud calendar via the following route:

  1. using the calendar web app
  2. going to settings and import
  3. pasting the university calendar subscription web link to the file browser that opens


I realised after some time I should have used the add calendar, add subscription method to get an accurate updated version of the calendar to sync rather than having to manually edit the events if they are changed by my uni.

I went to fix this today and though I know I went and edited one event to have a correction, there seems to be some events I deleted which have repopulated and one event which had a room change discrepancy between the calendar in my ecloud and my uni calendar that I don’t remember changing but now seems to be in line with the updated room change. For full disclosure I have been extremely sleep deprived and busy the last week so it is possible I made these changes and forgot.

Is it at all possible that this calendar could be going and getting updated events and old events that have been deleted from the original syncable link I provided or am I just too sleep deprived to remember what I have done?

I did do a quick search to see if this was something aleady posted about here or on nextcloud forums but I apologise if this is something that is a duplicate post.

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