Impossible to change keyboard

Hi. I have a fairphone5 with e/os. The keyboard is terrible. I want to use "any soft keyboard ", which is fantastic. I keep chosing it, but the phone won’t accept my choice, and keeps putting the awfully nul android proposef in e/os. I tried everything. I have to re choose any soft keyboard 10times a day.
Please help me get rid of the original keyboard. Thanks

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Maybe show some screenshots of your settings? Sounds very strange…

It’s no longer activated, I forced it to stop, and yet, it comes back as the chosen keyboard 10 times I can’t stand it anymore

I meant more System → ‘Language & Input’ → ‘Keyboards’ (I use it in german, so translation might not be 100 %). I want to see if your installation of ‘any soft keyboard’ is available.

any soft keyboard is the keyboard chosen

Hmm, not sure then what the Problem is. You can deselect the standard keyboard and that is it in my opinion.

I also don’t know what this is:

I deactivated it! so, there’s a problem, and I’d like murena to solve it…who can help me?