Impossible to log an ********* account to /e/

Hi everybody

I use to have a samsung S4 with /e/, my account was linked to this mail : antho*******

I have recently buy an S7 on the /e/ webshop because I was tired of the trouble I had with the GPS on the S4.
The problem is that the S7 don’t want to log my mail as an account so I can’t import my contact or made work any of the calendar tool…
the error message when I’am trying to create the account is :

no access to the CalDAV or CardDAV possible (the original message is in french so sorry for the approximate translation).

do I have to use a specific server_url ? if yes, which one…

well… I’am quite unhappy not to be abble to use a brand new second hand phone…

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so I can perfectly log here :here on the /e/ cloud

I have creat an other account on /e/ with ***** and try to log it on the phone and it also not working
same error message :
“aucun accès possible au service CalDAV ou CardDAV”

any help would be very appreciate…

Hello, thank you for your purchase !

Whether you want to login or request a password reset, you must enter your address in full and in lower case (example:

In the case of a password reset, the email is sent to the recovery address (by default the one with which you requested the creation of an account /e/). Remember to check your spam.

Don’t hesitate to come back to us if it doesn’t work.

Have a nice day,