Impossible to log in outlook

Hi !

Since the last /e/ OS update, I can not log in outlook app.

An error page appear (in french) : “pas de connexion, vérifiez vos paramètres réseaux et réessayez [2603]” that mean “no connection, check your network settings and try again [2603]”.

Somebody can help me ? I’m on /e/OS 1.12.3 with a Xiaomi Redmi note 4.

Thnaks a lot.

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Please read: MS Outlook and Teams account login not working since latest upgrade - #2 by marcdw

I have the same issue. The trackers are already disabled for outlook (outlook lite).
Reinstalled it. Restarted the phone to no avail.
Sony XA2, I’m on /e/OS 1.12.3 too

Hi smu44,

Thank you, I haven’t found this topic before. It’s work for me. I put the trackers back after log in and it’s still working.

Thanks a lot !

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It works after disabling the main tracker switch.
Swicthing off the trackers for outlook did not help but switching off the main button for trackers in general worked. Re-enabled-it ans it’s still working too :slight_smile:

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just for a couple of days and you will have to switch off the main tracker switch again.

There is an issue here you can comment :

indeed ! :confused: I had to switch off and on the main tracker today for outlook to be able to sync today
I’ll check your link, thanks

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