Impossible to send or receive MMS with Samsung S9 bought at e foundation


I have bought a S9 from e foundation recently and it’s impossible to sens or receive mms.
I have two providers/two sim cards and 3 phones, I have made all the possible combinations and my conclusion is: it comes from the phone.
I have just spend 15 minutes with customer service from my provider to help setting for mms, everything is ok from their point.
I have tried with 3 apps, and still there is a problem…

Do you have a lead? If yes, please I need simple explanations because I am not IT engineer :wink:

Thank you!


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… why can’t I post my request in the french forum? I can’t create a new topic…

Pl check now. I have added your name to the french language section of the the forum.

Ok thanks.

About my issue: I thought the problem solved with APN settings copied from the same sim card in another phone. Indeed, the S9 didn’t have the MVNO type filed. So I put “GID” as the settings in my other phone. I was able to send MMS (but in the operator’s list “nrjmms” disappear) , but network was game overed.

So to have network back, I had to put default settings back. Network ok, but no MMS.

A lead…?