Improved battery on S9 with latest update

Hey guys,

after installing the latest /e/ update from the 24th, I noticed that the battery life of my S9 drastically improved. I’m getting around 4-5h SOT now instead of only 3h SOT as before.

I’m wondering which change in the source code exactly lead to this improvement. When looking at the changelog of the latest build, I couldn’t really figure out what the changes mean exaclty and how they are connected to the phone’s battery life.

Is there someone more experienced than me who could explain this to me?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @exyna interesting observation Will pass on this feedback to the dev team . There were some samsung specific fixes in the last sprint none specific to the battery. Did you make any changes on your device - removed any app or change in usage.

No, I did not remove any apps nor changed my phone usage. This change was noticed whilst having bluetooth and wifi enabled which is my normal phone state.
I manually installed the latest baseband version though, but that was before installing the update from the 24th and also made no difference battery-wise.

I have observed the same – although I didn’t twig that it was connected to the update until I read your OP now. My observation is based purely on subjective perception rather than measurements, though.

And FWIW, again without testing, just based on observation, it looks to me like the battery consumption has increased since

I honestly experienced the same a bit, but not sure if this is all just imagination.
Is there an app to actually measure battery performance so we can rely on facts instead of just potential observations?