Improvement : import/export installed app list on App lounge

on F-droid, in 'settings->manage installed app" there is possibility to export installed app list in csv format, but sadely no “import feature” (really usefull when wanting to duplicate phone or share the app you install with someone else), but it’s still possible to import the app, by opening the app list, copy the app name (ex and search for it in f-droid

there is no such feature in App lounge, which could be great because f-droid only report the list of f-droid available app… app lounge could also report play store app, allowing to fully duplicate a phone without any “cloud” account

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you want to follow these issues, it’s a popular request to do this on-device

off-device with adb attached, you could script install-from-a-list with fdroidcl and gplaydl for the play store:

the pm command can appids with install origin - List of installed apps from within the Apps app? - #2 by tcecyk


App Manager can export apps list in XML and markdown formats, and much more.

I think in this case the good ole My App List should be considered.
Sure it is from 2014 but it works very well (at least on A11). Used it on my OP8T when I moved from OOS11 (mostly running FOSS apps to cover disabled Big G apps) to custom ROMs.
Definitely streamlined or semi-automated the re-installation of apps. If one has multiple stores installed one can easily choose between them.

I echo this user’s thoughts about it.

A looong time ago I made screen recordings of it in action. Meant to post in this forum but never did.

Give it a shot.


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