Improving duckduckgo ? Really?


Since I installed the duckduckgo browser application, while watching via Netguard the different requests made, I noticed that DDG was recurrently sending data to
Netguard gives me this kind of information:

qtype 28 qname rcode3 UDP4

So, I searched the net and I found this :

On the site you can read the following:

Second, we measure engagement of specific events on the page (e.g. when a misspelling message is displayed, and when it is clicked). This allows us to run experiments where we can test different misspelling messages and use CTR (click through rate) to determine the message’s efficacy. If you are looking at network requests, these are the ones going to the one-pixel image at These requests are anonymous and the information is used only by us to improve our products.

My question is the following, can we consider (even if it is supposed to be anonymous) that DDG tracks its users? For me, even anonymous tracking is still tracking? Right?

If someone has an opinion on this question, I’m interested.

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What is this app good for?

It’s interesting that Exodus privacy check lists no trackers for the DDG Browser: εxodus

Is there some telemetry setting that you haven’t turned off in the browser settings?

Nop, no such thing in the parameters… I know we can do it with firefox but there is no such option in DDG.

Maybe Exodus don’t find it as tracker because it is not really tracking ?

@irrlicht why not, it’s suppose to be a nice privacy browser with tracker blocking, but maybe it is not the case. :upside_down_face:

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If the request are really anonymous, as stated by DDG, they cannot be considered as tracking.


My opinion is, that they’re out for me anyway since DDG itself started censoring. Just search for “duckduckgo censored” and I really don’t care about the reason why they do this. I’d like to chew my meals on myself.

They don’t censor, they apply the european law against russian disinformation in these troubled times. Personally, if they block some russian disinformation sites it won’t keep me awake at night. But I understand your point of view.

But it’s a pity that they don’t propose an option to not “track” information to improve themselves like brave or firefox do

If only it could also filter platist theory :wink:

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