In app purchase

Hi im using enpass for my passwords. If i install the app i have to pay for using the pro version. But i think thats not possible as in app purchase goes via google play?

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You can use it if you will use yalp with your own goolge account name

But the app works with in app payment to unlock the pro functions. How can I do that?

Have you tried using Yalp with yur google account name ?

Yes I am trying but I am now at the point that yalp says apk is split, choose root or system to install

The “split apk” message with Yalp is a known issue. You can follow the progress on gitlab:

The split error is solved but still it is not working with the in-app purchases

Hi, Enpass has just changed their business model: they now sell the app as a platform-independent subscription, linked to an e-mail address. This means you can buy it on another platform and then use it on your /e/ phone without having to buy it on the Play Store. Furthermore, every previous owner of Enpass is entitled to a free lifelong subscription.