Incompatible apps

freshly installed /e/OS 1.13-s-2023072631402-dev-axolotl on Shiftphone 6mq.
Using lawnchair as launcher.
Trying to install my favourite Apps I get often “App not supported. … unknown error exists.” (or similar, it is in German). Examples are;
What can I do to troubleshoot that and hopefully cure it?

check if the appid you listed is already in the issue reports, if not, look at adb logcat at the moment of interaction and if there is an error with “stacktrace” (will be an obvious text block, as in a dozen indented lines with a fatal message at the top)

Hi Icecyk, thanks for your reply.
No issue listed. I should add that the same apps run under different OSes: Iodé, VollaOS, ShiftOS, Lineage for MicroG. Up to now I never encountered a problem like this.

Update: Now, with USB debugging connected and adb logcat running, I could install the apps mentioned in my first post.

BUT: Now the App lounge keeps crashing, with or without USB debug (or even USB connection). The app says repeatedly something about “timeout fetching apps. Certain network errors prevent fetching of apps.” Click on “more info” reveals “Data fetch error”. Or it crashes for good. Yes, I did a reboot in the meantime.

One of the other apps NOT working is

I am not sure how to handle logcat. Can I filter it? I ask because a lot of messages are running through. That seems too much to just capture it.

yes - by severity (info, debug, warning, error), facility (service), combine or history by process id if the pid didn’t crash yet:

adb logcat *:E
adb logcat chatty ActivityManager *:S
adb logcat --pid=$(adb shell pidof -s | less

but frankly for one-offs, I just let it scroll to the current line - double click the line to mark it. Do my interaction I want to see the error for, ctrl+shift+mouseclick the line after the few seconds of interaction, copy from clipboard into an editor and start sifting through

Thank you for your help and tips. In the meantime, after a lot of installing of apps and configuring the system, the problem disappeared magically. So no need for now to dive into the mud. :wink:

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I had these too! Reloading 5-6 times and they were gone. Maybe some cache issue, have not had any any more today!

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