Inconsistent translations and repetitions in K9 mail

I do not know if this is an expected behaviour.

In English the situation is clear and straightforward

In Italian is much more complicate, due to repetitions.

Should I report this on Gitlab, or is it expected ?

What is, apart from repetition, what must be changed there?
I’ll send this to translators

I can’t say which is the proper dir. It’s misleading if not irritating.
Am I supposed to search for sent mails into 'sent" or into “posta inviata” ?
Into “draft” or into “bozze” ?

Also: it seems that K9 store in some dirs while Thunderbird on my Linux box store messages into others. And at present I can’t say who is storing where.

I would expect that if I use “drafts” or “sent” I would find drafts and sent mails into a single dir, irrespective of the client I’m using at the moment.
Edit: Mail accounts in IMAP/SMTP mode also for me


Same ‘problem’ for me, with Thunderbird on PC and K9 first (different ROMs), then Message (/e/). Mail accounts in IMAP/SMTP mode.

It seems to me that multiple folders come from what device I used first to read/write mail (PC or phone).

Thunderbird did (same manner) a few years ago, now (update) it merges folders for each account. Perhaps K9 and Message/e/ will, soon…

Another detail: The screenshots I reported above, are from my /e/ account. For the time being, I use only two eOS devices to check /e/ emails.
I’ve not set up the /e/ account on Thunderbird yet. So, @trefix, I think this may be a two sided problem.

This is not a translation issue.

Is a problem linked to the fact that the different providers uses different names for the same box

You can find the same problem using k9 under Linux.

Is an issue to be opened as a bug on K9 project, I guess.

Thanks. In fact I was uncertain on opening a bug here on /e/.

The two above screenshots are from the very same phone, but with two different languages

Do you think that is due to which release? The new 0.12 OTA or to the new Thunderbird 78.0 on my Mint box ?

Both recently released