Increase eMail storage

Hi all,

I am new here and didn’t find any related thread.
I was wondering if there is a way to increase the eMail storage size. I would like to migrate my eMails to my But after already copying my first folder I am at the 1GB cap. I only see a way to increase the eCloud size, but not the eMail size.
They seem to be separated storages, right?
Is not meant to be the main eMail service?
I suppose I am missing something here :s

Hope someone can help me clarify, best regards,

Hello Henry,

Yes you can increase your storage with subscriptions you can find on /e/ shop here :

You can also find them when connected to your Ecloud account, in the file section, you will see a button on the bottom left (in French here) :

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Hi Ceddev,

thank you for the quick reply. Are you sure the eCloud storage is linked to the eMail storage? Because at my end it says in my email “100%” and if I hover over it “Using 999.5MB (100%) of your 1000MB” and in Files it says “7kB of 1GB”


That is why I am confused and not sure that if I buy the storage upgrade it will also increase eMail storage.

Hi Henry,

I never noticed this difference since I don’t use the email service on my /e/ cloud instance.

As you noticed, storage size are different between what we see in /e/ file section and eMail storage.
For me I have this email storage size :


I don’t know if it’s tied to the 64 Gb upgrade subscription I took or anything else. It could be from a bonus from being an early supporter, I don’t remember.

An /e/ team member will need to confirm that.

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If /e/ Team didn’t apply specific parameters, using self-hosted /e/ Cloud I can confirm that email storage and quotas are independent from NextCloud (using separate Docker images and volumes).
Also, I didn’t find find anything about email in subscriptions, so you better write to

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Hi everyone,

I already replied to Henry’s support request, but I write here to clarify the doubts.
The storage plans are intended for both your files and mail. They are indeed handled by different DB tables, and it’s our increase-storage app the one that should keep both in sync. This is a behavior we need to improve.

For now, if you have a storage plan and you need to increase your mail quota, simply get in contact with us at

Kind regards,


Hi Arnau,

many thanks for the quick answer on eMail and here in the forums!
That sounds really interesting what you are planning to do with keeping both DB in sync.
I will then contact support for the storage split once I get a storage plan this afternoon.

Best regards,

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For anyone who might be reading this and wondering about the outcome:
I got the 64GB plan and a few hours after contacting the partitioning was done! 14GB eMails, 50GB for files as I requested.
And I am sure in the near future this will even improve so anyone can choose by themselves and not bother any support team from /e/.
Big thumbs up!

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Not sure if this could be related to the splitting of the storage, but since I have seen other posts with the same issue I suppose not: eMails sync fine but no files, pictures, etc. are synced between phone and eCloud. All settings on the phone are set to allow sync.