Increase the number of volume steps

This is a very simple request to increase the number of volume steps. Right now the lowest volume for calls is way to loud for me (on FP4) when using headphones. Increasing the number of volume steps would solve this problem and also be useful in many other situations, for example listening to music. I believe the fix for this should be very easy.

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Hi and welcome!
You may want to create an issue marked as “feature request” in GitLab … as this will be seen by the developpers. (It´s absolutely not wrong to post here (!) but over there it´s more visible for the devs, that´s all)
here´s how to do it:
…it may read more diffcult than it actually is. In essence the content of your posting should suffice… no logs or other advanced stuff needed as far as I can see…

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Are you using Bluetooth headphones? If that is the case, then you can go to Developer options (if you enabled it previously by tapping multiple times on the version number in About this phone) and find the toggle to Deactivate absolute volume with Bluetooth.

Thank you for the tip about GitLab, @obacht, I will look in to it!

Thank you too, @MaMaTT88. I know about the bluetooth trick and I should have been more precise: The issue is with an USB-C to 3.5 mm adapter connected to standard 3.5 mm headphones and mic.


This is quite old, but may still work: [FEATURE PROPOSAL] Finer sound control - #8 by marcdw


Thank you for the suggestion, @smu44! I have read about this setting, and I believe it would work. There is however no root access to the phone right now, and as I am helping a friend with this it is not really an option to change the entire os.

I also tried to get an account on GitLab in order to report the issue, @obacht, but unfortunately my email address was not allowed, so this is impossible.

Maybe this explains it:

See this section:
“Getting an error message in new ID creation on /e/OS Gitlab?”

Haha, yes of course! I am blind!

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