IngDiba banking app

Hi all,

i managed to install /e/ on my fairphone 3 (yay) and now I start to setup everything. I am now nearly google-free (still have my mail account until i changed it everywhere to my new e-mail), although we still run on android.

I can replace all my earlier apps (whatsapp might be a challenge), but I miss my banking App (ingdiba) the most.

Is there any chance to install it?
I tried F-Droid but did not find it.

Best regards

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In f-droid are only FOSS apps and banking apps are closed sources. Yoh can download it via Aurora from F-droid. But a lot of banking apps won’t work on eOS.

Regarding whatsapp. Pls see the HowTo fot installing it.

Thanks for your help. I am now running whatsapp with shelter and have only firstnames oft my contacts (guess it is too late but better late than never).

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