Inquiry about Disabling Phantom Processes Killer in /e/os on Android 12+

The content mentions :tired_face:

NOTICE: Termux may be unstable on Android 12+. Android OS will kill any (phantom) processes greater than 32 (limit is for all apps combined) and also kill any processes using excessive CPU. You may get [Process completed (signal 9) - press Enter] message in the terminal without actually exiting the shell process yourself. Check the related issue #2366, issue tracker, phantom cached and empty processes docs, and this TLDR comment on how to disable trimming of phantom and excessive CPU usage processes. A proper docs page will be added later. An option to disable the killing should be available in Android 12L or 13, so upgrade at your own risk if you are on Android 11, especially if you are not rooted. :tired_face:

I think this is not ideal. It would be good if the phantom processes killer could be controlled by me, similar to cgroup, but that’s not the case. :sweat:

Can Murena /e/os disable this phantom processes killer in future versions? Thank you. :rocket:

In fact, I have never been fond of Android because its functionality is not as complete as Linux. :thinking: