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I am new here. I am just looking around. Most probably, my questions were already answered, so please be patient with me.

  1. I understood I can install android applications with App Lounge. There is info on you pages, apps are accessed from google play store.
    Is there any way how could I know/recognize which apps from this source contains/not contains any trackers ? Or are there also degoogled apps ?

  2. Could I install on /e/OS other application sources as

    • fdroid
    • aurora
    • chum

Thanks for answer

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  1. App Lounge normally lists trackers detected in offered applications,
  2. Yes, you can install F-Droid and/or Aurora Store, it works perfectly (I personaly never use App Lounge, mainly because I’m lazy and go on as I did when App Lounge didn’t work well) ; I guess that, then, it’s probably safer to update your apps with the “installer” app you used the first time for it … but I’m pretty sure it’s safe though not to do so … may be at the price of some possible version regression sometimes (theses sources are not day by day synchronised).

You can find all the answers here :

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Thank you for the answers