"Install completed with status 3. Installation aborted" - How to recover from this?

My murena one crashed today, and now it won’t boot. I get the splash screen and after the “Choose freedom” text shows up it goes blank.

I went into recovery and at the bottom it says:

Install completed with status 3.
Installation aborted.

Now I’ve fully bricked my murena one in recovery before and had to send it back for repair, so I’d like to know for sure what I’m doing before I touch anything here.

Will a factory reset fix this, or will it just delete all my data?

I saw “Apply update” but the only option under that menu is “Apply from ADB” - should I use this instead, and if I do will it preserve my data?

Well after rebooting from recovery it’s working just fine… I’m guessing the crash put me in a scenario where it couldn’t reboot properly and going into recovery knocked some sense into it?

Anyway, it seems to be working now

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