Install crashed with error

Hi, just heard about /e and downloaded the harpia .zip for an old Motorola G4 Play running LineageOS 14.1.

About 10-seconds into the TWRP .zip install, it crashed with an “ERROR: 7” so I reinstalled a backup of LineageOS and all good again.

I am wondering if it crashed as it lost the .zip. I have the entire LineageOS encrypted and using the full SD-card. Could this be it? If so, where should I copy the .zip to?

I actually tried by copying it to the internal memory “Firmware,” folder but that crashed too.

Where next?


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You might try a sideload install. Manish made a useful ‘Howto’…

For encryption, I don’t know if you have steps to go before installation, sorry.

Édith : there’s different ‘Howto’, depending of OS you will use (GNU/Linux, Windows, Mac…).

Error 7 can have a lot causes. It would be great to know the exact error message above he red line with error 7
First thing is, you have to decrypt your device. Normally a FORMAT data with TWRP will be fine. Without format data the flashing MUST fail !!!

Most time the error comes from wrong firmware.
Or some devices have issues with TWRP-3.4, but when you are able to flash LOS with it, it will be OK.
There is a workaround for error 7 which you can try

And most TWRP issues are coming from side load. I prefer pushing the zip on device and flash it via TWRP.

Thanks, I did not mention that I had followed the instructions and ran TWRP Wipe first.

Also, pretty sure it is the correct firmware as I have been using LOS on phones since it was CyanogenMod 7 (CM). :slight_smile:

The G4 Play only installs TWRP up to 3.2 and that’s what’s there.

And most TWRP issues are coming from side load. I prefer pushing the zip on device and flash it via TWRP.
I am confused by that. I thought I was flashing via TWRP. I loaded the .zip into the TWRP “Backup” folder and also put a copy in the Firmware folder as a spare. I then used TWRP “Install” to locate the .zip and install it.

I will download the .zip and try again, but it ain’t looking good. I thought it would be a simple process much like restoring a TRWP backup or installing a LOS update. For /e to gain traction, it needs to be as automated as possible. That was one of the early failings of CM.

It’s as easy as installing every other custom rom:

  1. format data
  2. wipe system, davlik, cache
  3. reboot in twrp
  4. copy zip on internal storage
  5. flash zip with twrp
  6. be happy

it’s the same way as on lineage