Install on e/ os

Hi, I am trying to install on e/ os. I find the apk file on the web. It seems I can install it but when I launch it I have the message : “please install from google play” !

How to have a solution because I don’t want install Android or buy a other phone …

Thanks a lot

Hello sgaut!

Is crypto dot com an imperative for you ?

You could also use other free software wallet for cryptocurrency :

Yes, because it’s possible to have crédit card ans it is simpliest for m’y training.
Thanks a lot.
Try to find a solution for me !:laughing:

You have App Lounge so you should be able to install it from there although it doesn’t show up for me. But it does in Aurora Store.

On Android there is but on Aurora this is that doe’nt run with this message “please install from google play” !

Oh, I think I know what the deal is. With Aurora Store you have to use the root install method to have apps think they were installed from the Play Store.

App Lounge does that automatically so install the app from there. Search for it using its package name, (assuming that’s the correct, and it will show up.
Uninstall any previous ones just in case.
Just tested and it runs.

Hi, thanks it works now with your help.