Install custom rom on Nokia 6.1

Das Installieren von Custom-Roms wie e/OS oder Lineageos for MicroG ist bei mir bisher schon beim Installieren der Recovery fehl geschlagen. Jetzt habe ich eine Anleitung gefunden, die 100%ig und auf Anhieb funktioniert hat.

Unlock the Nokia 6.1 bootloader. The free method works. Google it.

Requires a Windows installation for the unlock program. Did not

try via VM. I used an old laptop to be safe.

Reboot to bootloader with POWER+DOWN.

Choose a slot for twrp. Doesn’t matter which really, just be aware of it.

fastboot set_active a

To check which slot is active use this command:

fastboot getvar current-slot

Flash twrp:

fastboot flash boot ~/Downloads/twrp-3.4.0-0-PL2_sprout-11.0-20200909.img

Reboot to twrp recovery:

fastboot reboot recovery

Under wipe menu do the format, only wiping is not enough. Without the format

LineageOS reported only 36% disk usage, but everything failed with out of

space errors for me, e.g. in Play Store.

Advanced → ADB Sideload and sideload the LineageOS image, note it installs

to the B slot even though A is currently active:

adb sideload ~/Downloads/

Could have also used adb push and then installed from menu. Less

clicking through menus using sideload though.

Reboot to recovery via reboot menu. This is needed so twrp can mount the new

LineageOS partition.

OR ALTERNATIVELY, if NOT installing gapps or anything else, then set slot

to B in Reboot menu now and reboot to system, done.

Back in twrp under the reboot menu set active slot to B which should now

successfully mount - that is no errors when setting the B slot.

And then sideload gapps + whatever else which installs to the current B

slot, where it will find the buggy LineageOS recovery or whatever, but

won’t fail with error 20 it otherwise would. Could have used install

method here as well probably, same story.

adb sideload ~/Downloads/

Reboot to system, done.

Ich hoffe jemand kann damit etwas anfangen. Vielleicht kann auch die Dokumentation zu dem Nokia 6.1 angepasst werden.

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Funktioniert genauso mit e/OS