Install /e/ apps on MIU/Android


I’ve changed my smartphone with a new one (MI 11 Lite) that is not supported by /e/OS. Anyway that’s a pain I almost cried 2 times setting up my Google account after 3 years without using it.

I would like to know if it’s possible to install /e/ apps as Mail, Calendar, etc without using /e/OS ? Are they available on PlayStore or Fdroid or anyother store ? Is it possible to use /e/Store ?

Any plan to adapt /e/OS on MI 11 Lite ? :slight_smile: It has been hard to quit Google but using it again is worst ! :’(

Thank you

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

so, no way to get apk files for /e/ apps ?

I used an apk extractor a while ago to get the apks for /e/'s default applications and tried them on another Android device. But apart from the Browser non of the others worked. I could be wrong but perhaps it is because they are well integrated into the OS itself as such?

Yes maybe it’s because of MicroG services are needed. Well I will use Evil Apps again :cry:

Perhaps you might be able to find some FOSS substitutions for some of your apps in F-Droid. The latter can be installed on any Android device.

Well finally I managed to do it with other apps.

FairEmail and builtin contacts app synced with /e/ account using Nexcloud and Davx because MIUI doesn’t allow me to add a /e/ account easily…

Next time I buy a smartphone, I will buy an old one supported by /e/ :stuck_out_tongue: