Install /e/ on Motorola Moto G9 Play

Hi everyone!
I’d like to yield an introduction to install /e/ on a Moto G9 Play.
For that I will try to do this on my own device.
As I am not fit with this stuff, I would need some help, please!
I relate to a thread about the Moto G7:

1rst question: Which ROM, say which /e/-build to use best?

Thank you and greetings,

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there already exists an introduction for Moto G7:
For the build it might be necessary to develop a fitting version.
I cannot do this.
What about trying with the one for the G7? Could that brick my device?

You can’t install /e/ on a Moto G9 * at the moment. You can’t even do it on the G8 * phones and they’ve been released 10 months ago. It takes some time before a device becomes available.

If you want to know what you can do with your smartphone, custom rom-wise at the moment, check XDA Moto G9 Play forums. Right now, there’s nothing to see there. One day you’ll see LineageOS Builds for your phone and then it might become available on /e/ if people want it and if there’s enough people to work on it. Not even sure it will happen in 2021.

And Installing a rom built for another phone would of course brick your device.

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hoped to fire it up a bit…

Most all instructions for the G7 will work for the G9 family. You can probably step through the instructions and do it yourself. If you have questions, we can work together on Sunday or after.

First get the bootloader unlocked. That will be easy but you have to read the Motorola website and sign up as a developer. The G7 instructions should get you the rest.

He is correct that there are no ROMs to install yet. First, TWRP is released, then Lineage, then maybe /e/. We can only work up to TWRP at this point. Good news, after TWRP is installed, you can install Magisk to have root or other functionality.

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