Install /e/ on single sim SM-G965F (S9+)?

Can I install /e/ on a S9+ single sim SM-G965F?
I still need to buy the phone, I have now a S5 with lineage on it. On ebay and amazon they sell new S9+ single sim phones for affordable prices.

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You can check out suitable phones from the

Sure enough, SM-G965F is listed under Models Supported at the foot of this page,

(There happens to be a list of recommended reading for the similar SM-G960F here Install /e/ on Samsung SM-G960F "starlte")

thank you,
I was not sure because on the last colum of Info about Samsung Galaxy S9+ - star2lte it says “dual sim” and I do not want to buy a phone that turns out to bethe wrong version.

Understood! I think the “dual SIM” is SM-G965F/DS