Install e/OS and Google Play Apps accounts

Hello everyone,

I am on Android 10 (Phairphone 3+). I want to migrate quickly under e/OS to get rid of GAFAM. But I have subscriptions in progress for several applications downloaded via Google Play (OsmAnd, Park4Night, etc.).
How can I not lose these subscriptions since I can no longer act on my Google account (which I want to delete) after the installation of e/OS?

Thank you very much in advance for your responses and help.

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What do you mean with subscriptions? Are you paying regularly for something?

In-App purchases handled by the Play Store are tricky to work around, if the App in question wouldn’t offer alternative payment methods.

If you paid for installing OsmAnd+ (since you mention it), this is not a problem. OsmAnd+ is available as OsmAnd~ (the tilde is important) free of charge in the /e/OS Apps installer (and in the Open Source App Store F-Droid, where the Apps installer gets it from).

Most cost-free Apps from the Play Store are available in the /e/OS Apps installer.

There’s also an Open Source client to access the Play Store directly - Aurora Store (also available in the /e/OS Apps installer). Aurora Store uses an anonymous account by default, but you can also use your own Google account with it to get access to Apps you paid for in the Play Store.

Keep in mind that most Apps in the Play Store are dependent on underlying Google services in the OS, and while /e/OS has microG in place as a replacement for those, it is not guaranteed that Google-dependent Apps will work with /e/OS 100% all the time, or at all. Many Apps just work without a problem, though.
Perhaps search the forum first for mentions of Apps you find most important, also mind [LIST] Banking Apps that work on /e/OS.

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Hello AnotherElk,

Thank you very much for your response.

Yes, I am paying regularly (each year) for OsmAnd + and Osm Live.

I have checked on e/OS apps tool that all apps I need are available.

I think that the better I can do is to end Osm subscriptions, close Google account and switch to e/OS.

Thank you very much for your advice !

And sorry for my english which is not my native language… :wink:

I wish you a nice day.

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I have just discovered, thanks to Aurora Store (and Exodus) that many Android applications contain Trackers (Google, Facebook…). Even Telegram is concerned by Google Firebase Analytics…
Could you tell me what data these trackers collect? Does Google, through them, only have access to the application data? Or to all the data on the smartphone, which would defeat the protection of e/OS?

Thank you very much for your response.

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