Porting Google Playstore purchases

Dear community,

e-os looks so promissing to me but what keeps me back is that I made several purchases in Google’s Playstore and Im afraid of losing all of them once I landed in the new environment. Is there a way to overcome this? For instance, if I payed for OSM (open street map) can I get the same version in e-os too without paying the price twice? Just for clarrification OSM is just one example there are many more so I hope there is a general solution for this.

Thanks in advance

yes, with AuroraOSS you can login not only anonymously but also with your google account and get your paid apps and install on eOS

Not all of your purchased apps will work for sure though…

(To be confirmed if it is still available as OsmAnd~ in the new App Lounge, I uninstalled App Lounge and can’t check. But the original source is F-Droid anyway.)

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thanks, i.e. I have to give it a try.

However once I install and log in to Google’s play store on e-os is it then still guaranteed that no data (other than I allowed) is secretly forwarded or am I then losing all privacy benefits again?

This screenshot from App Lounge confirms


Please see https://doc.e.foundation/calls_to_google_servers#app-lounge.