Install /e os on fairphone4

Hello i tried to install /e os on my fairphone 4,but when i try to upload the recovery image i have an error message with fastboot

“C:\work\platform-tools>fastboot flash recovery
fastboot: error: ANDROID_PRODUCT_OUT not set”

what i can do?i looking for a topic to install it but i found nothing.

to complete the message,
i want to follow,this post,
but the number of image to flash the phone are not in accordance and i dont want to brick my phone

thanks for your help


There’s no need to flash the recovery for installing /e/OS on FP4.

Not in accordance with what? When you extract the installer you’ll find all necessary files used in the commands of the linked instruction.

If you want to play safe then just don’t relock the bootloader while OEM unlock is disabled.

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so,i try to follow the post and it works,but when you read the post,you can see a lot of image for flash but when you unzip the archive,you don’t have the same image file and/or the same name.

Maybe update the process will be a good idea