Install e/os/ on FP5 Securityversion different? Still try it but stuck :(

I want to install e/os/ for the first time on my FP5.
in the documentation it is
/e/OS build : T stable (Security patch: 2023-10-06)
In my phone it is 05.Nov.2023 = 2023-10-05) In the Docu they make it clear if they are different the phone will brick. So is this 1 day different really that bad ?

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So I still tryed to use flash it but I’m stuck at fastboot flashing unlock
I try to enter the command fastboot flashing unlock and then it is stuck at

Then I Approve with volume + then power. I hold it for 10 sec the Phone goes Black and thats it. Nothing happens and only after I hold Power for another 10 sec it starts again into the FP5 OS.

There seems to be some confusion in your security patch dates since you write Nov and then 2023-10. Version 1.18-t definitely has Nov security patch. What is the correct one on your phone?

Was the previous step with OEM unlocking successful?


hello @Xiod,
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in the official documentation, you can read :

Example 2

  • Your FP5 with Google Android has a Security Patch Level saying June 5, 2022.
  • The /e/OS build available says: /e/OS build : R stable (Security patch: 2022-06-05)
  • In this example, the /e/OS build has the same Security Patch level than the origin, so the anti-roll back protection will pass, and you will be able to install /e/OS with no issues.

This /e/OS v1.18 includes the Android security patches available until November.

that’s the point !
according to your screenshot : not yet…

I think the OEM unlocking was successful

Blockquote This /e/OS v1.18 includes the Android security patches available until November.

Do I understand it correctly It should be fine with my version ?

  1. Boot the device
  2. Enable and connect Wifi
  3. Enable Developer options
  4. From developer options, enable OEM unlock
  • Get the unlock code from this site and enter it


  1. Reboot on fastboot by running the command in the PC console adb reboot bootloader


  1. Ask for unlock with fastboot flashing unlock
  2. Approve with volume + then power
  • The device proceed with a factory reset, and automatically reboots
  1. Reboot again into bootloader
  2. Unlock critical with fastboot flashing unlock_critical
  3. Approve with volume + then power
  • The device proceeds with a factory reset, and automatically reboots
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As long as you get the <waiting for any device> message there’s something wrong with your fastboot connection to your phone.
So make sure

  • it’s a good data usb cable (you might try another one
  • your connected phone is in fastboot mode (according to the picture it is)
  • check the fastboot command version (if it’s up-to-date resp. a recommended version)
  • try another usb port
  • check the driver on the PC
  • try another PC

To just check if fastboot connection works well you can use the fastboot devices command. It should show a device code.

Blockquote it’s a good data usb cable (you might try another one
How could I verify it ?

1 - connected the phone to the pc and activated datatransfer
It showed the device serialcode after i activated the data transfermode for the phone

2 - after activation OEM !AGAIN! i restarted with this command

3 - the status after using the command fastboot flashing unlock

in the fastboot mode neither fastboot devices or adb devices show something

Did you find the unlock code on the Fairphone site and did you enter it correctly?

It really feels like this step failed.

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You might eliminate the possibility that correct fastboot drivers are not installed.

While working, have open a Device manager window. As you boot the device into Fastboot, or issue a fastboot command check that the phone has not become a " :warning: Problem device" within Device manager. If it does then run Windows update while the device is connected in fastboot mode.

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I found the solution! It was the adb driver for windows.
here the guide i followed.

Only strange was I had to start the installtion from e/os/ twice. The first time it installed 15 of 15 stuff and there was an error the second time it installed only 7 steps not 15 with each more mb of filesize. but it runs now :slight_smile:

Thanks all for the response