Install /e/os on Google Pixel 5 with android 14

Before all, thanks for /e/OS, it’s a great project !
I just got a Pixel 5 under Android 14 but seen that stable redfin build is based on Android 13.
I understood that installing an /e/OS based on Android 13 over an existing Android 14 could result in an unstable installation.
Have you any advice ? should I try to downgrade my Android 14 to Android 13 before trying to install /e/OS ? I see that there is a bunch of tutoriels to do so, do you know if it’s easy ? or do you know if an /e/OS build based on Android 14 will be available soon ?
Thanks in advance for your help, I’m a little bit lost.

… well it is required

Never tried … but here are the links

You will probably need to … preferably do some slow reading ! before scroll down to Acknowledge then you can reach

… “soon” ?? as in … next equinox … probably.

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