Install /e/OS v2 on Fairphone 5 - my little guide

I had some troubles following the official guide so I’ve tested different settings and came up with a little guide that can be useful to others.

So my install /e/OS v2 on Fairphone 5 guide is hosted there but I’m posting it in this forum as well, for readability’s sake.

This is how I’ve managed to install the great ungoogled /e/OS ROM on my Fairphone 5

This guide works with Linux computers.

Unlocking the bootloader

  1. Enable dev options (settings, about, build number : 8 taps, system)

  2. Connect to Wi-Fi, then Settings > System > Dev options > OEM unlocking, Input verify code, get it here

  3. Restart the phone

  4. Power off the phone

  5. Go to the bootloader screen with Volume Down + Power

  6. Using a computer running recent fastboot do a fastboot flashing unlock

  7. Phone : select “Unlock the bootloader”

  8. Phone is restarting

  9. Power off the phone

  10. Go again to the bootloader screen

  11. Computer, do a fastboot flashing unlock_critical

  12. Again, on the phone : select “Unlock the bootloader”

  13. Phone is restarting

  14. Power off the phone

  15. Unplug the cable

Flashing /e/OS

  1. Download the latest /e/OS stable version

  2. Triple check that your Android security patch is under the download /e/OS build date

  • Triple check that your Android security patch is under the download /e/OS build date

  • Triple check that your Android security patch is under the download /e/OS build date

  • :wink:

  1. Unzip the /e/OS archive

  2. Phone : Go to the recovery screen with Volume Up + Power (yup, this is volume down)

  3. Select “Enter fastboot”

  4. The phone is now showing a new “fastbootd” screen

  5. Plug the cable

  6. Computer : launch the file

  7. Let the script do the job…

:rotating_light: WARNING - When writing this tuto (/e/OS 2.0), after 2 minutes, the script is crashing and printing this :

Erasing 'metadata' OKAY [ 0.004s]

Finished. Total time: 0.006s

Setting current slot to 'a' FAILED (remote: 'Unable to set slot')

fastboot: error: Command failed

And here is the fix :

  1. Phone : on “fastbootd” screen, choose “Enter recovery”

  2. Phone : yeah, the recovery screen has changed

  3. Choose “Advanced”

  4. Choose Enter fastboot

  5. Computer : launch again the file

  6. At the end, phone will automatically restart

Job’s done !

Now let’s finish the stuff, and properly relock the bootloader

Locking the bootloader

  1. Power off the phone

  2. Fastboot mode with Volume Down + Power

  3. Computer, do a fastboot flashing lock_critical

  4. Phone, select “Lock the bootloader”, phone will restart

  5. Switch off the phone

  6. Fastboot mode

  7. Computer, do a fastboot flashing lock

  8. Phone, select “Lock the bootloader”, phone will restart

  9. Unplug the cable

Now we’re good to go :muscle:

Let’s enjoy a pure ungoogled experience


Could you additionally point out those troubles here, please, so that the official guide can be improved? …

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Thanks for this guide.
Do you know when the easy installer would be available for the FP5 ?



Thanks that helps me more i think.

But i do not understant what you mean with do a fastboot flashing lock-critical.
I installed adb devices and fastboot devices, but when i enter adb devices is see nothing under: list of attached devices. Maybe i need another cable but i still dont know what you mean.


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your device, connected to the computer via a “data USB cable”, must be in normal mode with “USB debugging” enable to react about adb command
or in recovery mode

the phone must be in fastboot mode, connected to the computer via a “data USB cable”

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When I’m saying do a fastboot flashing lock-critical, I mean do a fastboot command, not an adb. Those tools are two different tools right.

  • I found that some steps were not that clear (not fastbootd screen mention, unclear recovery vs bootloader screen mentions).
  • I also found that the biggest issue is the bug that some users like me faced, see the bug quoted bellow

Hope that helps

Thank you for helping, because i get stuck on this.
Im working with e/os about 5 years now and the first time i bought the Gigaset GS290 and install e/os with the easy installer. After testing the os, ive bought the Asus Zenfone wat cost me 3 months and a lot of patience to get my phone back from Paris with the protests on that moment.
now i have bought a Fairphone 5 and i get stuck again on this.

So, for me and a lot of other people would trying to test e/os without directly buying a Murena Phone from the website, this is a big issue to not choose e/os.

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