Install eos on FP4


I Found a fairphone 4 to buy.
I want to use easy install with my debian 11.
The patch security in the fairphone and the e os build is the same (Security patch: 2023-02-05), so, normally, it’s ok.
But the version of android in the fairphone 4 is 12.
Can I install e os if the version of android is the same in the fairphonne (version 12)?


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Yes, there’s no problem to install /e/OS based on Android 12 over stock Android 12.

Don’t forget to relock the bootloader right after you finish the installation.

Please research other forums on relocking the bootloader. Having a wrong date on the security patch may brick your phone, locking bootloader on the rooted device will also brick it.

The easy installer can relock bootloader?

The date of the security patch is the same

I don’t think so. (but not sure if the latest version do it).
But for my part I installed /e/ in command line (Linux Ubuntu) by following this tutorial:

I had re-locked the bootloader as explained at the end of the paragraph. My device is not rooted and the /e/ security patch level was not older than the previous one.

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One year ago, when I installed eOS, at the end I did the same as @stanwood.

According to Fairphone and eOS instructions you should be able to lock bootloader but you should check on the device after installing eOS.

I don’t know if easy installer is automatic relocking with safety checks in place. I have never done that.

After manual flashing put your phone in fastboot mode (if it is not already) and run:

fastboot flashing get_unlock_ability

1= ok

0= Do not lock. You will not be able to unlock again . If it fails to boot there is nothing you can do with your phone.


Thanks for the infos.

To do a manual install, no problem for me, normally, but when i flash, i don t have so much risks to block the phone.

In the instructions, after:
chmod +x && ./flash_FP4_factory

There is not the command adb reboot bootloader.
We are locking the bootloader directly after the command CHMOD?

From your first post it looks like you have a used device. Have you personally unlocked bootloader according to eOS install instructions?

If yes, you would proceed according to directions, putting phone in fastboot mode before running script.

After that there is the line:

“The script will flash all required files and will wait for input at the last step. Proceed to locking the bootloader.”

NOTE: Before flashing, check that the file on computer does not have “reboot_device” at the end at around line 195. I seem to recall having to remove this line so the device would not reboot at the end. Delete and save.

You would then remain in fastboot mode . Check the get_unlock_ability.

If it = 1 , you would proceed to lock as directed in instructions.

I it = 0, do not lock at all. You can still boot it up and run eOS. But do not lock.

PS: e-1.10-s-builds have March security patch, even better! Are you installing stable?

It s a used device, i can buy it the next week.
I just see it to control security patch and android version.
I prefered to check with forum the experiences of others before to flash.
I flashed a lot of mobile but the price it s not the same.
Thanks for sharing your experience.
I will think a little more and prepare everything

Yes , the idea is to be on stable
for this phone

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