Install F-Droid & Yalp correctly


I’m pretty new to custom ROMs so I may have basic questions, I’m sorry!

-> Could you quickly explain to me how to correctly install F-Droid & Yalp please?

I installed Privileged OTA F-Droid via TWRP but when I started it it proposed many upgrades from default apps (Simple flashlight, note…) . It also proposed the F-Droid upgrade (from 0.x to 1.4).
I upgraded F-Droid and all other upgrades disapeared. For instance I didn’t upgrade the Simple flashlight or note apps but the upgrade F-Droid doesn’t propose the upgrade anymore.
-> Maybe upgrading F-Droid was a mistake?

Then I installed the privileged Yalp. Simple Flahlight was in the list of available upgrades (4.1 -> 5.0). I’m confused…
I imagine I have to pick one store for each app and tick “Ignore updates” on the other store.
-> Am I right?

-> Will there be a unique preinstalled store on /e/ 1.0?

Thanks in advance for your explanations.

I always download FDroid from their web site
There on the main page you get the download apk button.
Once FDroid is installed, let it sync its repositories.
The screen will fill up with apps that are available once the repositories are synced. In case the sync is not happening you can go to setting - the gear icon on the right of the screen click on Repositories.
The option on the top will say F-Droid disable and then enable it. That should start the sync
You will see a message on the top of the app saying repositories are being synced
Once the sync is done install Yalp from within Fdroid.
Update: System Apps like Signal. Telegram or Micro G components are upgraded as part of the releases.

-> If I do it this way, will silent install be available?
-> Will I need to tick “unknown sources”?

Edit : I understood why applications don’t appear anymore in F-Droid updates: App signatures are different.
-> Should I remove all these apps included in /e/ to reinstall them from F-Droid?

I must admit this is very confusing… I hope it’s going to be a lot easier in v1.0.

I guess you should not try to update the system apps via Fdroid. Some users made similar complaints while they tried to update system apps such as signal, microG, etc.
1.0 is expected to have appstore. Should ease things a bit for everyone.

You are right system apps would be updated as part of the releases. Updated the comment above to reflect this.