Install fail on Pixel XL

I’ve been following the instructions here to install /e/ on my Pixel XL. I’ve tried everything I can think of and I’m getting the same problems as in this issue.

I’m wondering if anyone has had success installing /e/ on a Pixel XL and if so, what you did to get it to install. I can install LineageOS with no problem, but /e/ is proving to be impossible to get working.

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Update: I’ve also tried installing the factory images of Android 7.1.2, then installing /e/, and also Android 8.1.0 and installing /e/, and both methods had the same problem. The install breaks at 47% installation and then enters a reboot cycle.

Installing Lineage 16 works just fine.

Maybe the Pixel XL needs to be removed from the list of compatible devices for /e/.