Install from android stock 11, android R or S image?

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sorry to ask this but I have searched this info and I didn’t find …

I am installing /e/os with this doc: Install /e/OS on a Google Pixel 5 - “redfin”
I have to choose an image : /e/ image ROM download
but I don’t know which image I have to choose: Android R or Android S ?

Is Android S android 12? R 11? Does it means it install a /e/os version based on this android? does it means it’s to install same /e/os but on android 11 or 12 alreday oinstalled system???

my config:

phone= pixel 5
actual os=android stock 11

Thank you for your answears :slight_smile:


One of the helpful posts about versions: e/OS + Android OS version names and numbers? - #3 by aibd




The same /e/OS version can be built based on different Android versions, depending on what is available to work with for a specific device. /e/OS is based on LineageOS, LineageOS is based on AOSP - the base of all Android OSes.

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Thank you all !!! exactly what I was searching for :smiley:

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