Install on GS190

Hi all,

I bought a GS290 from the /e/ store of which I’m very satisfied but as that model has been out of stock for a while and wanted to replace my kids phones I’ve also bought a couple of GS190 I’ve found in a shop (cheap enough so when kids break them isn’t an issue).

The chipset is slightly different:

  • GS290 - MTK Helio P23 Octa-Core MT6763 - GPU Arm Mali-G71 MP2
  • GS190 - MTK Helio A22 Quad-Core MT6761 - GPU IMG PowerVR
    both based on Cortex A-53.

I had a quick look around and found no images for the GS190 but wondering if it’s even worth trying to build one (based on the the experience some of you may have).

I did install LineageOS images on other phones in the past but have no experience yet in building Android images so before I embark on this new adventure it would be nice to know if it could just be a waste of time.


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You may first ask Gigaset support if there is any kernel source available for GS190.

… and you might check out the fantastic progress made on GX290 - to see if there is any way to follow a similar method. Gigaset GX290 Plus

Edit, possibly more clues here.

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I’ve sent out a request to Gigaset support, awaiting for answer.

FYI I’ve actually got answers from Gigaset and they made the kernel sources for the GS190 available on their site.

I’m quite impressed as they followed up relatively quickly.

Wondering if at this point could build and make available as standard an install set for the GS190 which could be a good option for budget phones or actually sell it on their store to support the good effort made by Gigaset.

The link for the kernel is the same: